The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Wiki

Talk to me, Jarvis.


Tracking signal located.

Location-- the Gerlach Mountain Range, Slovakia.

Switch to infrared.

Got them.

Just tell us that there is need, Miss Von Bardas, and AIM can supply you with anything you desire.

With any one of our weapons, you can crush an army.

Well, good thing I didn't bring an army then.

Wow, quite a sale you've got going on here.

A lot of neat stuff.

Unfortunately, some of it has my name on it.

You know, for calling yourselves the Advanced Idea Mechanics, that was a really bad idea.

Give your master a message for me.

Buyer beware.

You steal my tech, you answer to me.

Even him.

Jarvis, contact the Vault.

Let them know they're about to get a few new guests.

Very well, sir.

Also, Miss Potts called.

She wished to know if you were still out playing superhero, or if you're going to come into the office to do some actual work.

Samson-- Samson! You can't do this to me! Do you hear? And how are we today, Bruce? No episodes in the last 36 hours, I see.

This is a disaster waiting to happen, Leonard.

I've told you again and again, Bruce.

We'll find a cure for the Hulk.

The Cube is the most advanced gamma radiation research facility on the planet.

The work we've done with Sterns and Blonsky is-- You're wrong.

SHIELD and Ross are lying to you.

They don't want cures.

They want to know how to control these monsters.

Trust me, I've seen it happen.

They will twist everything you do.

You wanna know what the Cube is really? It is a gamma bomb waiting to go off.

What brings Asgard's shining light to Midgard.

Or is the better question, who sent you? Your father has entered the Odin sleep.

But before he faded to dream, he asked me to bring you home To defend Asgard while Odin replenishes his power.


Thor, you are like a brother to me.

We have fought wars together, but I do not understand your connection to this place.

Here I can make a difference.

In Asgard, the endless cycle of fighting-- it is meaningless.

On Earth, everything matters.

I am needed here, Balder.

Drone? Good news is you're gonna live.

The bad news-- you better get used to taking the subway.

Are you all right, Jane Foster? I-- I-- Yeah.

You-- You just saved Hey, have you been following me? Uh, perhaps.

You intrigue me.

Mortal lives-- they are so fragile.

Yet you do not seem to accept that.

Would you? Nay.

Iron Man, this is Jimmy Woo with Vault security.

You are clear for landing.


AIM's been a thorn in SHIELD's side for a long time.

Yeah, well, helping SHIELD's not on my "to do" list.

These guys are dangerous.

They had my tech.

I took them down.

End of story.


Well, while you're here, I wanted to talk Vault security with you.

We had an incident last week.

Did Fury put you up to this? No.

This isn't about weapons This is about containment.

It's about keeping people safe.

Okay, schedule something with Pepper.

Whatever it is, I'm sure it can wait a day.

I wanted to ask you a question, uh, Mr.

-- "Mad Thinker" will suffice.


A SHIELD-monitered conversation you with Whirlwind.

You said something was going to happen.

We'd like to know what.

Can you not feel it, Ant-Man? The better question is not "what", " but "when"? Director Fury's offer was very serious, Wasp.

Hank-- Ant-Man is against it.

And you? I wanna help.

I wanna do more.

SHIELD will let you do more.

Who was that? That's classified.

On second thought, SHIELD might be a little too dramatic for me.

Everything's always so serious.

Kind of like that.



Someone get to engineering.

Tell them to keep us in the air.

And shut off that alarm! Director Fury, a report just came in from the Vault.

Do I look like I have time for this, Quatermain? Listen to me! Sir, automated reports are coming in from the Vault and the Cube.

Their systems have gone offline, and no one is responding from down at the Big House.

Something is seriously wrong.

Payback time.

This is crazy.

How did this happen? It doesn't matter.

Right now, we have to get to the bridge.


Ant-Man was in the Big House when the explosion happened.

He was with all the super villains.

We have to help him, now! Incoming Call: Potts, Pepper.

Pepper, guess who I ticked off this morning.

Here's a hint.

His name rhymes with "boom".

Tony, something's happened at the SHIELD helicarrier.

Some kind of explosion.

Tony, it's bad.

Sir, there appears to be a problem at the Vault.

They have stopped transmitting data.

All right, Pepper.

Keep monitoring the helicarrier situation.

I'll gonna check on something here.

So your dad--he sleeps for a week? The Odin sleep.

Once a year, he replenishes his power, which in turn gives life to Asgard.


Must be some sleep.


But during this time, Asgard is vulnerable to attack.

So, why aren't you there? This seems to be a popular question.

- It is complicated.


- Really? Because it sounds like you're just mad at your dad.

There's nothing less complicated than that.

The mortals, you I am needed here.

You know, we have managed to survive okay.

We've got police, firefighters, paramedics, even a few superheroes of our own.

Take a week off.

Help the family.

Earth á ú n be here for when you return.

What was it you were saying about the Earth still being here? Touché.

Come on.

Come on! Leonard? What's-- Oh, no.

No! Leonard, you've gotta listen to me.

You've been exposed to gamma radiation.

We have to get you to a hospital.

You were right.

The prisoners-- they're all free.

It's a disaster.

Listen to me, Leonard.

You have to help me, because right now the Hulk is the only hope we've got.


Come on in, boys.

Store's open.

I don't think so, dirt bag.

Oh, nuts! This course of action is ill advised I hope you will be subdued now.

This is really disappointing, Mandrill.

And you've come so far in counseling.


Oh, nuts! Whiplash, Arrow-guy, say good night.

Hey, wait.

I'm-- Get up, Stark.

We're not done.

All right, guys.

We all know how this is going to end.

super-villain team-up or not.

Not quite.

Never saw it ending.

Actually-- - Iron Man.

- Hey.

long has the Crimson Dynamo waited for this.

Okay, this is a problem.

Jarvis, hack into the SHIELD frequency.

Give the evac order.

I want all SHIELD agents out of the Vault right now.

Director Fury, the Big House is wide open, sir.

Prisoners are reported on all levels.

Our agents are engaging, but-- but, sir, containment is at 0%.

Forget about the Big House.

Our priority is the raft.

The fourth prison.

Whatever occurred here in the Cube, seems to have occurred at the Vault and at the Big House as well.

- Intriguing.

- Yeah.

It's a mystery.

So how about we just get the heck out of here? Leave? Why would we ever leave here? This is where I am going to change the world.

Our old friend.


Deal with the Hulk once and for all.

Agent Woo to Iron Man.

All SHIELD personnel are clear.

I repeat, we are clear.

Now get out of there, Tony.

I'm working on that, Jimmy.

I remember when you put me away here, Iron Man.

I remember what I told myself I do if I ever saw you again.


Let me guess.

Bore me to death? Jarvis, initiate take over of all Vault systems.


Your command, sir? Begin self-destruct sequence.

Beginning countdown.

Just skip to the end! Wait, where is he going? Give me an update, Jarvis.

According to SHIELD communications, There is a breakout event happening at the Cube as well.

And the Helicarrier has crashed in New York Bay and is currently sinking.

I'm gonna need a fresh suit of armor.

And then I'm gonna find the bug girl and tear her apart.

I'd let you tell the Wasp yourself, but you're about to get knocked out.

- So how's your day been? - Painful.

I don't think it's over yet.

- Come on, Blonsky, let's go-- - No.

Abomination, Absorbing Man, do not follow him.

Let the Hulk go.

We have work to do.

You are the acting director till I get back, Hill.

Save who you can.

Contain any escapees you see.


I'll update you from the raft.

And if the Raft prisoners are free? Then you should enjoy being acting director while you can.

Look alive, boys.

Shoot first, ask questions later.

Evac now.

Abort the mission.

Everyone off this barge.