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Unlimited resources, human test subjects Bottom line, Doctor, we're looking to continue Abraham Erskine's work.

SHIELD wants supersoldiers, and we want you on our team.

When do I start? - Pull the plug, Doctor.

- I said not yet.

This is my lab, and I can control this.

Can't you feel the power? Shut it down, Hall.

That's an order.

Aah! Why am I in restraints? What happened to my lab? It's okay, Franklin.

There was an accident.

We're concerned that you may have been exposed What do you mean accident? I want to see my chart.

I want Aah! - Aah! - I don't understand.

What in the I'm doing this.

I'm controlling gravity itself.

I want to see Nick Fury right now.

Where am I? How long have I been here? Longer than me, and I have been imprisoned here for six years.

Fury! Our world's about to break Tormented and upset The loss from when wake With no way to go back I'm standing on my own But now I'm not alone Always we will fight as one Till the battle's won With evil on the run We never come undone Assemble, we are strong Forever fight as one Assemble, we are strong Forever fight as one - What do you want, Hall? - Oh, I think you know.

I want to treat you with the same kindness that you've shown me.

I'm going to take years off of your life.

On second thought, I'll take them all.


No time for small talk.

We got to move.

Your power is impressive for a mortal.

Stand down now before anyone is hurt, and you may yet walk away from this.

Fury called me Graviton.

Fury, he knows.

I can control gravity.

I can do anything.

I'll crush Fury.

I'll crush you.

And then I'll show the world the power I have.

I think not, villain.

Have at thee! Whoa! Whoa! Aah! Ah, great.

I'm never going to get a taxi here.

JARVIS, any news from the helicarrier? - Still sinking, sir.

- Thanks.

Open remote access to the Chicago armory.

Remote access initiated.

Activating MK VII armor now.

Huh? Hey, just waiting for my ride.

Anything you'd like to tell us, Fury? Not really.

SHIELD command, this is Director Nick Fury.

I am declaring an omega-level emergency.

Every SHIELD agent, every Hulkbuster unit, the U.


Armed Forces, they are all now under my direct control.

Wow, Nick Fury is actually worried.

- Who is he? - Dr.

Franklin Hall.

The physicist? No one's heard from him in years.

Not since he joined SHIELD.

- What happened to him? - That's classified.

Really? Because I think it's about to get unclassified pretty quick.

No! Enough.

This ends now! Reports are coming in from New York City of a possible earthquake.

Some are saying a tsunami.

Hang on.

We're receiving word now.

The SHIELD helicarrier has just crashed into the bay outside the city.

And eyewitnesses are reporting that Thor is on the scene.

Chicken soup.

Take care of him.


You could help.

What do you want? You could make a difference.

You could save Thor just like you saved Sampson in the Cube.


I don't remember Thor ever coming to save me.

If you help, it will help us.

If you stand by other heroes, if you save lives, people will begin to see that the Hulk isn't a monster.

That you can be a force for good.

If I do this, then you do something for me.

- What? - I stay.

I stay the Hulk, not Banner.

I can't just stand here and watch this.

We have to do something.

If Thor can't stop him, he'll come into the city.

Don't you think I know that, Wasp? - Jan.

- We're talking millions of people.

- I'm not going to let that happen.

- Jan.

Jan, wait.

Can your brutish mind understand what I'm telling you? I control one of the four fundamental forces of reality.

I can remove gravity's effect on you sending you hurtling into space.

Or I can increase it a thousandfold like this! Fury! Franklin Hall, you give theoretical physicists a bad name.

Now knock it off before I make you.

Are you joking? With the power at my disposal Ow! Ow! Ow! Aah! Jarvis, give me full satellite coverage on the scene.

Janet? Ready to give up? Hey, Janet.

I knew we traveled in some of the same social circles, but I didn't know you came to parties like this.

So who was that guy? Some crazy physicist.

Something to do with Nick Fury.

Tony, am I glad to see you.

I wasn't sure if you were on the west coast or Oh, no.

- Thor! - What? Thor.

You know, with the hammer.

He's on the bottom of the ocean.

We have to help him.

Warning gravitational field around the target is in flux.

Extreme caution advised.

Jan, the energy he's putting out the only comparison is a black hole.

- This guy is trouble.

- You're right.

Aah! What are Graviton's upper limits? We've studied him for years, and as far as we could tell, he doesn't have any.

What do you think you're going to do, Pym? Talk him down? No, it's too late for that.

Hank, you went big.

Janet, get out of here.

I'll handle Graviton.

What? No, we're in this together.

This is between us, Hall.

Do whatever you want with me, but no one else has to get hurt.

No, you wanted me to create a supersoldier, but I've become so much more.

I'm beyond human now.

I'm going to crush you and show the world their new master's power.

Destroying the city will be a good demonstration.

Goodbye, Nick Fury.



Aah! That could've gone better.

I need more power.

Note Gravitational effect has ceased.

I recommend you stay down, mortal.

You think you can stop me.

I've beaten you before.

I can do it again.

Aah! You really should listen to the man.

You're sick, Franklin.

You need help.

Or possibly more zapping.

No, no, the power I wield, I You are nothing compared to me.

I'm stronger than all of you.

I'm the strongest one there is.

You sure about that? Aah! I did not realize there were ogres on Midgaard.

Is that the Hulk? Isn't he supposed to be, you know, the bad guy? No! Take him down.

Hee-ya! Ha.

Look at you fools.

I possess the power of the universe itself.

I am power! Can't move.

Can you? Nay.

The others.

Nothing is that powerful.

I control gravity itself.

Aah! This isn't possible.

Huh? You're helping me? Yeah.

Now hit him.

Ow! For Migaard! Aah! Who's strongest now? You had the power to do anything, and you used it to put millions of lives at risk.

Pretty sad.



Let us celebrate.


Step away from the Hulk.

He's a fugitive from the Cube.

You want the Hulk, you go through me.

The Hulk saved us all.

He's a hero.

As sure as any of us.

Stand down.

We've got bigger problems than the Hulk.

loose all across the country.

Maybe the world by now.

How did this happen, Fury? I don't know, but we can find out together.

Come work for me.

As SHIELD agent, you can make a real difference.

No, this is your fault, isn't it? SHIELD created Graviton.

Whatever you had Hall doing, it changed him.

You kept it under wraps, and this happened.

- Fury's right.

- What? You of all people are going to work for SHIELD? No, he's right about us making a difference together.

One-on-one we can each take down a villain or two, but 74 None of us can do it alone.

Together we have a chance.

What we did here, it can change things.

The world needs us, but not as SHIELD agents.

As a team on our own.

Together we can avenge the wrongs caused by all these villains.

We can be avengers.

Huh, good name.

Director Fury, we have the security footage online.

Graviton didn't wake until after the supervillain prison shut down.

He couldn't have been responsible.

And if he wasn't, who was?