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Ulik is a large monstrous troll whom Iron Man meets in Nornheim.


He ambushed Eitri and his three dwarven warriors including Iron Man along their way into the Forge.

After a short battle, Iron Man manages to defeat Ulik with his massive unibeam. He was laid unconscious as Tony and Eitri kept moving to the Forge where they built the Uru armor to beat Loki.

Physical Appearance[]

He has the same appearance based from the comics but a little trimmed and bigger.


He is a very boastful and bragging troll believing that he could beat anyone especially to mortals but his pride had resulted to his downfall from Iron Man's unibeam.

Powers and Abilities[]


He is a very strong troll with super strength able to take on opponents but proved to be weak against Iron Man's unibeam.


Ulik wears a very strong troll armor and battle gauntlets.