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Ultimo is a giant rampaging robot. Its creator is currently unknown. It has some of the most dangerous laser weaponry, might be upgraded with Repulsor Tech which its unknown creator stole from Tony Stark.


It first appeared in "Iron Man is Born" when Ultimo fought Iron Man fought near New York bay, with everything it got but was destroyed by the latter, and letting in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Omega Reservoir in the Appalachian Mountains. The battle between the two was captured on footage from the unnamed tourist, which was later shown in the reports seen by Rhodey who was frustrated that best friend Tony would have brought him along to join the fun.

Later, the Masters of Evil discovered the remains of Ultimo and, thanks to the magic of the Enchantress, managed to revive the robot to face the Avengers. But during the battle, Zemo and his team lost control of Ultimo, forcing them to work alongside the Avengers, who thanks to the efforts of both teams manage to destroy to Ultimo.

Physical Appearance[]

Ultimo's appearance is nearly based on the comics but a little changed and trimmed. It has yellow eyes.


Unnamed Creator[]

He is the person who created and built Ultimo from Stark Tech components and weaponry. His real name was currently unknown.

Iron Man[]

He is an enemy of Ultimo. Iron Man destroyed him from the inside.

Powers and Abilities[]

He is powerful and dangerous opponent in battle equipped with laser weaponry such as his laser eyes.


  • Ultimo's name is never actually mentioned. It is only referred to by Rhodey as a Giant Robot that was heard in the news.