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Uru Armor

The Uru Armor

The Uru Armor is a magically-powerful Iron Man Armor made of Uru metal from Asgard and was forged by Tony Stark and Eitri, the dwarf king of Nidavellirr. It is designed to combat evil magical beings.


The Uru armor was built by Tony Stark assisted by Etri in The Forge to battle Loki and his army and aid his teammates and their Asgardian allies.

With the metal, Uru, that emits the same lightning properties as Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, Tony was able to go toe-to-toe with Loki for a brief period of time, because of the magic resistance and its ability to fire lightning repulsor beams. [1]

Stark did not keep the armor as part of his deal to the forge the armor, required him to give it back to Eitri once after defeating Loki.[2]


  • Lightning Repulsor Beams[1]
  • Lightning Unibeam[1]
  • HUD[1]
  • Comm Systems[1]
  • Bulletproof[1]
  • Magic Resistance[1]
  • Lightning Repulsor Boot Jets[1]


The Uru armor resembles the Destroyer armor.[3]

In other media

In the comic books Tony Stark constructed a suit called the "Thorbuster armor" to stop Thor if he should ever go rogue. This suit was destroyed after a battle in Asgard.