The rumors of cancelation are true . Avengers Assembled comes in 2013 so lets just enjoy our second season, freshen up all the pages until the last episode, then pack our bags :(

Now I know you guys wanna grab some pitch forks and find joseph loeb's address but this was a pre-determined fate. AEMH was developed b4 disneys aqquistition of marvel. AEMH also has low ratings, although Disney XD rarely advertises AEMH as much as they do other shows (Disney XD won't shut up about motorcity >.>).

So if we want to take anything from this, it's that Disney buying marvel cost us AEMH -_-"

The funny thing is DC Comics rarely has gr8 movies (with the exception of the recent batman franchise) yet they have superb animated shows. While Marvel makes gr8 movies, but they keep throwing away good shows and REBOOTING them >.>

Interview of the new series.

Express your sadness (or possible optimism) in the comments below ^.^

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