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    Hi there! As an administrator upon the Marvel's Avengers Assemble Wiki, I want to personally invite everyone to join the wiki, where you can geek out about the latest animated project from Marvel Animation: Marvel's Avengers Assemble.

    Many fans have been uneasy about the show from the very beginning, but I urge you all to give the show a fair chance and give it a go. If it isn't your thing, it isn't your thing, but at least try it first.

    Now that I've explained myself, there's so much you can do. Our pages about the television show, actors, crew, and comics will tell you everything we know about what's ahead for the the show. Our news blogs will bring you all the latest up to date information about Avengers Assemble and beyond. Once you've rea…

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    Signing Off

    October 21, 2012 by Regular Guy

    Well it is time for me to go. Officially. I haven't been that good of an admin here since Ji and Godblaster left. And I'm pretty sure GB is gone. I'm gonna miss them. The main reason why I'm leaving this wiki is overall the lack of dedication. The rules on this wiki are set up horribly and I'm not even sure there are rules. If so, I have not seen ANY of them being enforced. Not trying to act pretentious, but this wiki will most likely fall apart after I leave. Users have TOO much free range on this wiki, they think they can do almost anything. I am just shocked by how much bad grammar are on various articles. Unneed categories are outta this world on this wiki, categories like "Male", "Female", and "Comic-Only Characters" (Like who wrote t…

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    Is it true? Has Marvel stopped sucking in their animation department? Oh, yes! Praise everything that it good.

    From Man Of Action: “It will continue much of what the movie started, it’ll be slightly different from Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. It’s really going to focus on the core characters… but it is not some kind of drastic change from Earth’s Mightiest Heroes into Marvel’s Avengers Assemble. Everything that’s established in [Earth’s Mightiest Heroes] and just running from that point on. It’s like Bendis’ Avengers going into Marvel NOW! Avengers… Everything that happened in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, we’re going to keep consistency from that, to the new show.”

    when talking about the animation style of the new Show, Man of action replied: “Marve…

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    Admin Meeting

    August 30, 2012 by Regular Guy

    There needs to be an official Adminastors meeting. We need to cover certain things on this wiki, along with improving it. There is alot to talk about here, and it would be helpful if the few admins that are active would come. I know some of us live in different time zones so...

    This trusty time converter here will tell you what time the meeting will start in your time zone. The meeting will be held in the chatroom if anything (if you have a better place, then your are welcome to purpose it.)

    Since your all admins, and are capable of editing blog post, please put your username in bold font in the section below to indicate that you will be present at the meeting. If you are not sure that you can make it, put your name in Italic font.

    • Firestormblaz…

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    This is the first issue of "New Templates" blog series. Featuring brand new templates for the wiki. Today the new templates are:

    The Recently Release template is for articles that content that has been recently released (duh :P). Just apply it to the top of the page, and in field where you type what the content is, write "character" or "episode"....or.."comic".

    This the first of the "warning templates". It acts as a warning to anyone who has recently done an "unconstructive" edit.

    Iron Man's page

    • "Iron is cool and was in the avengers movie in May 2012".
    Or creating a meaningless page. If you decide to remove the template from your page, well....hehe read the template.

    This is the second "warning template". It is a step up from the first.…

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