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Vanaheim is the realm of the trolls and ogres and a race of Gods called the Vanir.


Ogres in Vanaheim.

When Loki had taken all of the realms excluding Midgard, Vanaheim was among them.

The ogres were tasked in escorting the Asgardian prisoners to their labor and concentration camps in vanaheim, the Hulk had showed up with the Executioner's axe and attacked them after being pulled to their realm by the stone's destruction. The ogres tried to beat the Hulk in numbers, but the green monster took care of them with a powerfull thunderclap. After that, he was thanked and respected by the Warriors Three because of his immense strength and 'gift of battle'.

After Loki's defeat by the Avengers, all of the realms were free, even Vanaheim.