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Vapor is a supervillain made of pure gas and a member of the U-Foes. She is the team's scout.


Early life[]

Her early life is unknown but she did go with the other three to space where they get bombarded by cosmic rays to gain superpowers like the Fantastic Four. As a result, she gained the power to be the form of pure gas and can turn human for a brief period of time earning her the name Vapor.

Present Day[]

At some time later,she and the other U-Foes were captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. and were placed in their specialised cells in The Cube until the Breakout. They remained there by the Leader's influence to help assist him to accomplish his goals.

She was with the other U-Foes attacking the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and Samson in their radiation suits. She attacked Captain America with her suffocating "kiss". Thor later blew her away with his hammer, making her the easiest U-Foe to beat.

She was with the other gamma villains chasing the remaining Avengers and Samson. When the generator exploded, she and the other gamma mutants were caught in it.

Her and the teammates' fates were unknown whether they went into hiding after the second Gamma Dome or were sent to their containment cells.


She looks like a female cloud figurine. She has white eyes and brown hair in her human form. Her uniform still remains intact. She usally has no legs due to her mist form and she usally has the same mist around her body.


She seems to be a feminine, seductive type as she asked Cap to give her a "kiss" after penetrating his protective suit.

Powers and Abilities[]

Vapor has a pure gas power to be invisible and suffocate foes. She has demonstrated the ability to penetrate gamma suits using her gaseous powers.

  • Living Pure Gas: Vapor has an ability to become an invisible figure, go through places and objects and can only able to turn into a human for a brief period of time.


None. She relies on her pure gas powers to go stealthily and suffocate her opponents.