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Vector is a supervillain of telekinesis and the leader of the U-Foes



Early life[]

His early life is largely unknown but he did lead three people to space where they get exposed to cosmic radiation to gain superpowers like the Fantastic Four . As a result, he gained the power of telekinesis and has an image of a galaxy around his body earning the name Vector.

Present Day[]

Some time ago, he and the U-Foes were aprehended by S.H.I.E.L.D.  and were placed in their specialised cells in the Cube until the Breakout. He was with other few gamma villains to stay in the abandoned prison by the Leader's influence to help him advance his goals

He was among the U-Foes attacking the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents escorting Samson as he took out few other agents, Wasp and Samson. His talking habit made him given Black Panther an advantage to hit him while he brags about the Gamma Enhancers to Samson.

When the remaining Avengers and Samson retreated to the generator, Vector and the others ran after them.

After the generator's explosion, Vector was among got caught in the blast and fell unconscious.

His and the other teammates' fates were unknown if they escaped and went into hiding.


He has a V symbol on his forehead and has an image of a galaxy around his body. He has no hair and white eyes.


He is a boastful and arrogant supervillain. Though his telekinesis powers are formidable, his boasting and bragging had gave an advantage for Black Panther to sneak up and land on him.

Powers and Abilities[]

Vector has the power of telekinesis

  • Telekinesis: Vector has the ability to make objects and persons move by his will whatever he wishes.


None. Vector relies on his telekinesis to take down foes. He uses a Gamma Enhancers to boost his powers.