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Vibranium is a rare purple colored metal found in Wakanda. Its properties are indestructible and that it can absorbs vibrations like sound and kinetic energy. The more vibrations it absorbs, the stronger it gets. Wakanda is considered the only country rich in vibranium deposits. The people of Wakanda had their technology made advanced because of vibranium over the years but they were commited to defend their sacred treasure from greedy outsiders who might use it unwisely but not to good outsiders who helped them.

Henry Pym studying Vibranium

Hank Pym studying vibranium

With vibranium, the Wakandans can forge any weapon they desire. They even make their fortifications strong to prevent destruction from enemy fire and impact.

In the right hands, vibranium will make a good great impact to the world, but in the wrong hands, it may cause havoc and destruction to the planet.

The Black Panther uses utilized vibranium weapons: spear-type, claw-type, and sword-type that serve him well in combat against anyone who stand in his way.

In World War II, a piece of vibranium was sent by T'Chaka to President Roosevelt as a gift which was later used to create a battle shield for Captain America, which was still in use in the present day until it was destroyed by Loki. The shield was later restored by Black Panther's sonic beam machine.

Known Creations made with or that use Vibraniums[]


  • Henry Pym was the first scientist to study vibranium.
  • In the comics, vibranium would cost $10,000 per gram.