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Volstagg is a member of the Warriors Three.


He was one of Thor's good friends. He also has a very big appetite that makes him fat and dangerous for any troll, Frost Giant, or ogre to threaten. He respects those who have the "gift of battle" like Hulk for example as he freed the Warriors Three and other Asgardians from Loki's forces.


He appeared in "The Mighty Thor" as he attempted to stop the Frost Giant attack but was defeated until Thor arrived to save them. After the battle, he was there to witness Thor and his father Odin argue each other.

He then appeared in "The Fall of Asgard" and "A Day Unlike Any Other" as he and the Warrriors Three were imprisoned by Loki's troops as they escort them to labor camps until got rescued by the Hulk. After that, Voltstagg and the others respected him for having the "gift of battle" and offered him to join them to battle Loki that makes Hulk happy. Then he was there fighting alongside Sif and her Valkyries,the Avengers and other rebel Asgardian warriors fighting Loki.

After Loki's defeat, the Avengers were praised as true heroes by Odin and the Asgardians. He was among them hailing them.

Powers and Abilities[]

As one of the Warriors Three, Volstagg is a formidable Asgardian fighter with speed despite his heavy frame and is strong enough to knock down a Frost Giant in just one leap of his weight.