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Wakanda is a small African nation located at the center of Africa, and home of its king T'Challa, the new and current Black Panther.


Wakanda's history is quite known for their hostility to any outsiders and zealousness to defend their country. The Wakandans have protected their valuable resource vibranium for centuries. They built advanced technologies for defensive and offensive but retained in their old ways for years.

Their old ways had brought advantage to Man Ape as he defeated T'Challa's father in royal dual, making the people think that they'll follow him.

But T'Challa brought Man Ape's reign to an end with the help of the Avengers minus Hulk and Thor. Now that he is a new king, he ordered his people to change their old ways forever because it gives their enemies advantage over them. So they agreed.

Wakandan science and technology are so advanced that they can also study mysticism by examining Thor's hammer and develop new ways to help others.

During the Gamma World event, Hank Pym is shown to be working with the Wakandan scientists on an unrevealed project. When the Masters of Evil attacked the Avengers, He returned from Wakanda.

During Kang's invasion, Iron Man allows Black Panther to return to Wakands to defend it. Later, Kang's forces inform Kang that all their ships over Wakanda had been destroyed.

Later, after he leaves the team in "Who Do You Trust?" Black Panther returns to Wakanda, preparing it for the coming Skrull invasion.

When the Skrulls invaded Wakanda, Ms. Marvel, Wasp, and Hawkeye helped Black Panther stop them from taking over. After the invasion, Hawkeye, Captain America, and Thor go to Wakanda and Black Panther repairs Cap's Shield and rejoins the avengers.


  • In season Two , the Wakandan forces were heavily modernized. It was shown during the Skrull Invasion, that several warriors were given mech suits of Black Panther's costume that shot Vibranium Claws.