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The War Machine Armor is a heavy weapons combat armor created by Tony Stark. It's wearer is James "Rhodey" Rhodes, who sure Tony Stark’s best friend.


The War Machine Armor was created by Tony Stark, and is designed for heavy combat and equipped with some of the latest and most powerful weapons in its overwhelming arsenal. It is based on the Mark II armor. Stark personally gave this armor to his best friend Rhodey, who took the name War Machine after the armor and became Iron Man's trusty partner.

Rhodey used the War Machine armor to defend the Iron Man armory from A.I.M. troopers alongside Captain America (Skrull) and Black Panther while Tony finished the final touches for the Mark IX Armor to defeat A.I.M. and Technovore.


  • Wrist-Mounted Repulsor Blasters
  • Arc-Reactor Power Core
  • Uni-Beam
  • HUD
  • Comm Systems
  • Left-Shoulder Missile Launcher
  • Right-Shoulder Mini-Gun
  • Repulsor Boot Jets
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Automatic Machine Guns


  • The War Machine armor resembles a combination of that version from Iron Man 2 film and video game, but it's faceplate and body type resembles the Mark II's.