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US Capitol
Washington, D. C.
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United States Capitol

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Dell Rusk


United States of America

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Secret Invasion

Washington, D.C. is the capital city of the United States of America.


Secret Invasion[]

When the Skrulls began their invasion, they fought the Avengers in Washington, D.C. They were defeated and put into 42.

Nightmare In Red[]

Dell Rusk stayed in Washington, D.C. while Winter Soldier, Doc Samson, and Falcon created the Red Hulk. When they returned, he seemed pleased of the success of the creation of the Red Hulk, despite his misbehavior and failure of getting Bruce Banner to him.

Code Red[]

When a Virus affected people in New York, Dell Rusk stayed in Washington, D.C, while Winter Soldier, Falcon, Red Hulk, and Doc Samson battled the Avengers. Winter Soldier captured Captain America and brought him to Rusk. Cap eventually revealed that Dell Rusk was really the Red Skull and defeated him. Everyone was cured of the virus and Falcon and Doc Samson were treated for the mind-control Red Skull had on them.

Winter Soidler[]

When the Red Skull escaped Hydro-Base, he controlled a Sleeper and tried to destory Washington, D.C., but was defeated by Captain America and Bucky. He was then taken back into custody.