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"What are you, lady? One of Zemo's experiments?"
"What? No, I'm... Well, it's complicated."
Captain America and Wasp[src]

Wasp (real name Janet van Dyne) is a female superhero and a college student who works with Hank Pym at Greyburn College in New York City.

She is one of the five founding members of the Avengers and the one who gave the group it's name.


"Look at you! No, but what a waste. You could do so many things with your superpowers. You could mix giant milkshakes, or cool people down when it's really hot. Instead, you'll end up in the Grand Manor."

-- 'Wasp' [src]

Early Life[]

Little is known about Janet's early life. However, at some point, she had obtained her powers due to the exposure to Pym Particles.

Wasp going after Whirlwind

Janet van Dyne became the Wasp after exposure to Pym Particles by Hank Pym himself.

The Man in the Ant Hill[]

When Hank Pym was attacked by Klaw and his thugs in Africa, Wasp and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents arrived to help him. She was glad he was unscathed by the attack, but annoyed by Pym's flippancy regarding several mercenaries left to be saved from attacking ants.

Enter the Whirlwind[]

Janet van Dyne became bored of Hank's research on ants when she saw Whirlwind and engages the villain in the streets. She tried to convince the villain to change his ways, but came to no prevail. She was aided by Ant Man, who feared for her safety; however, she was able to convince him otherwise.

She went with Hank to go see Nick Fury in The Big House. She stood by as Nick Fury and Ant Man argued about the status of supervillains and the possible formation of a team to bring them in. Wasp later apologized after Hank refused the offer made by Nick Fury.[1]

The Breakout[]

Wasp confronting Graviton

Wasp confronting Graviton.

The Wasp walked in the hallways in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier to talk about Nick Fury's offer. Nick Fury liked the idea of her and Ant Man joining S.H.I.E.L.D., mainly because he needed a team of heroes to help with capturing remaining fugitives. She wanted to join, but Ant Man disagreed with the offer. They walked pass by Black Widow. She asks who she was. Maria replied that it was classified, which made Wasp have doubts about the offer. She was surprised by a moment of a black-out.

After the prisoner escaped from the Big House, she stings the Constrictor who held an agent captive. She flies by side with Maria to go to the bridge, but Wasp decides to go find Ant-Man. Arriving at the room where the Big House resides, she captures a shrunken Ant Man who had fallen over from Whirlwind's grip and asked him how his day had been going so far. Later after The Breakouts occurred in all four prisons, she saves Nick Fury and engages Graviton. Wasp and Hulk attack Graviton head on, but, he proves too powerful for the two to defeat alone.

Luckily, Iron Man, Thor and Ant Man arrived and battled him together. Wasp defeated him easily after Thor blasted him with the full immense power of his hammer. She and the other four Avengers were hailed as heroes for the first time, she coins the team The Avengers, a name Hulk agrees.[2]

Avengers Assemble[]

As she and the others met at Avengers Mansion, she decided to move in despite Hank's protests. When the Avengers were looking at the remaining super villains, she waved at Hulk, only for him to look at her in disgust. She then returned the favor. She and the other Avengers fought to keep Hulk under control (Unknown to them at the time, he was being influenced by Enchantress). The Hulk seemed to be less angry around her and proved it when after knocking her unconscious and placing her on Ant Man. She seemed to be the most disappointed about his decision to leave the team.[3]

When the Avengers went looking for Hulk, Wasp thought she was piloting their jet, only to be disappointed when Iron Man revealed that it was really on autopilot. She scouted through the ice after leaving the jet, only to be flicked by a shield. It turned out the shield was really Captain America's, who was also in the ice.[4]

After she and the other Avengers found Captain America frozen in ice, he attacked them and jumped off their ship. Before he could fight her, she managed to convince him to stop fighting them as she showed him the honorary statues of him and Bucky on Ellis Island. As Iron Man, Thor and Ant-Man went to stop Arnim Zola's Doughboy creatures, she went to check on Steve as she felt so sorry to see how sad the legend from the past felt for missing his world in the 40's. Her walking-in on him managed to convince him that he still was relevant and could make a difference.[4]


Wasp always ready for action.

At some point, she had dinner with Tony by themselves. She and Thor scouted throughout the city and fought villains. They ran into M.O.D.O.C. and several Aim soldiers, M.O.D.O.C. proved to be easy with their combined efforts. However, at the last minute, M.O.D.O.C. trapped them in the building they were fighting in with the intention of the two roasting alive. Thor put Wasp in his hands and took the whole blast, he then admitted that scientists could not be trusted, to which, Wasp ho-heartedly agreed and wondered if the others were okay.[5]

Wasp was at the base with Ant Man, Iron Man and Captain America when Black Panther was caught spying on them. Black Panther easily defeated all of them. Wasp then questioned Black Panther about his need of their help, he then explained himself to her and the others. Wasp then flew with the other over to Wakanda and was attacked almost immediately. Wasp then broke up the fight between Black Panther and Iron Man. She, Iron Man and Ant Man were left alone to fight the whole of Wakanda, Hydra and a super villain. Wasp and the two managed to defeat them. Wasp was then present when Black Panther announced that Wakanda would no longer hide from the outside world and be lead by the council and that he would join the team. Wasp managed to convince Iron Man with the reasoning of him being their best bet for a ride home, which allowed Black Panther to be part of the Avengers.[6]

Gamma World[]

The.Avengers.Earths.Mightiest.Heroes.2010.S01E12-E13.Gamma.World.HDTV.DivX-CP.avi snapshot 15.45 -2010.12.16 14.56

Wasp infected by Gamma Radiation and mutated into a wasp-like creature.

She went with the other Avengers to investigate the status of Hawkeye. They then chased him down, but were confronted by S.H.I.E.L.D, who then assigned them on a greater quest. They were assigned to thwart the evil efforts of the Leader, as they went on to fight him, she looked at herself in a mirror as she tried on her new suit. She was the first to be exposed to the Leader's gamma radiation, which turned her into a mutated wasp-like creature.[7] She was mind-controlled by the Leader into attacking the other Avengers. She was then returned to normal, thanks to Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther and Thor. However, Leader revealed that his plans had just begun.

Hawkeye fights while Wasp and Captain America lay unconcious

Wasp lays unconscious as Hawkeye fights the Leader.

And, with a simple switch, everything turned back into its prior state and she was mutated again. This time the only Avenger who was not mutated was Thor. She, along with the others, attacked Thor and brought him to the Leader. She attacked Hawkeye when he arrived, but was stopped when he shot her with a dart that returned her to normal. She was saved again, this time by Hawkeye, Thor and Hulk. She was present when Hawkeye was offered membership to the Avengers, which he accepted thanks to Hulk's condition.[8]

Masters of Evil[]

Crimson Dynamo and Wasp

Wasp attacks Crimson Dynamo from the inside.

She was on a routine patrol for Whirlwind. Whirlwind turned out to be Enchantress, she was then confronted by the other four members of the team, she attempted to take them all on but was struck by Baron Zemo, who took her Avengers card. And just after picking it up by one of its little wings, Zemo said "One down". She was the first Avenger captured by The Masters of Evil, she was placed in a room with the other members that were captured and was rendered unconscious until the arrival of Ant Man. She warned him to run. Wasp was freed along with Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. She and Black Panther fought and defeated Crimson Dynamo easily, she was present when the other Avengers pondered what Zemo wanted.[9]


Wasp mad with Ant Man

Wasp is disappointed with Ant Man for ignoring her.

She went with Ant Man to see her friend Carol Danvers, whom she graciously hugged upon first seeing. Wasp did not realize that Carol really wanted to see Hank. She explained to them that she had several reports of what she believed to be aliens. Wasp went with Ant Man and Carol to investigate. While in Carol's car, Carol and Janet discussed Janet's relationship with Ant Man. They stopped their vehicle and were attacked by a invisible enemy. The robot makes its way to the facility where Carol’s partner in the project reveals himself as Captain Mar-Vell of the Kree military. Hank is knocked out, but not before nearly telling Jan that he loves her. A determined Wasp discovers holes that the team has blasted in the armor’s surface and is able to get inside the robot and shut it down. Mar-Vell, Thor and Iron Man take the Nega Bomb into space where it explodes keeping the world safe. At the hospital, Jan apologizes to Hank for the way she treats him. When he awakes, she tries to get him to repeat what he said before he went into his coma. However, they are interrupted by an awaken Carol Danvers who is suspiciously floating above her bed.[10]

Kang the Conqueror[]

It was a day like any other, when Kang the Conqueror came from the 31st century to kill Captain America. According to Kang he was going to cause the Earth to be destroyed, which would prevent the warlord's empire from being created in the future. She along with the rest of the Avengers did not believe his story and protected their fellow hero, when Kang teleported them five years in the future; where the Earth was ravaged by a war between the Kree and the Skrull. Shocked, the team still protected Cap, and Tony managed to briefly hack the conqueror's time chair and send them back home. The time traveler still managed to get away from the Avengers and escape, and informed his henchmen to begin the invasion of the twenty first century.[11]

The Avengers were almost immediately forced on the run as every major city was attacked by Kang's army from the future. Iron Man was searching for Kang's flagship, but they were running out of time. Hearing Cap lament that they would, "need an army," Wasp revealed she knew where they could get one. Journeying to the new super villain prison 42, the others learned that Hank and Iron Man had built an police force of super intelligent robots called Ultron. Desperate, Captain America urged Hank to use the Ultron as an army against Kang. Hank relented, and reprogrammed the robots to use violence. The robots gave the Avengers time to bring down Kang's time ships, with Wasp destroying the first warship. But they didn't have time to rest, as Iron Man had finally found Kang in space.[12]

The Avengers geared up in the Quinjet, and blasted into space. As they flew Kang fired his base's main weapon, attempting to destroy the Avengers and New York City in one blow. Thor however deflected the beam, knocking him out but damaging the flagship. The Wasp urged them to go back to help the god, but Hulk urged her that he would be fine. As they reached space they were attacked by Kang's army, so Wasp and Iron Man broke from the other to clear a path. The team managed to fly into the flagship, but Jan and Tony were trapped outside. Thinking on her toes, Wasp baited some of Kang's Scarab army after her, and led them to smash a hole into the side of the fortress. The two heroes split up, with Wasp scouting through the alien vents. There she discovered Princess Ravonna, who was flickering out of existence because of her future being wiped out. Realizing that if the Avengers banished Kang's army to the future all of his people would die, she worked with some of Kang's soldiers to talk the Avengers down and prevent further genocide on either side. Kang refused to surrender, and was defeated and thrown in 42. After the fight, Wasp went to visit Thor in the hospital, and was there when he exited his coma.[13]

The Casket of Ancient Winters[]

10-1- (2)

Wasp sunbathes with Hawkeye and Hulk.

One day when the summer was hot, she was hanging out at the pool with The Hulk and Hawkeye until Malekith's snow blizzard covered up the whole planet. She and Hawkeye were left freezing outside with no plan of action. She went down town to help the other Avengers fight Malekith, but, most of them were frozen. After the incident was averted, she and the two became close friends ever since.[14]

War on Hydra[]

Wasp and the others were watching Hawkeye shoot an arrow at an apple. She doubted that he could make the shot, believing Iron Man was right. The lights went out when Black Widow requested their assistance in taking down H.Y.D.R.A. She was on Hulk's side when it came to crushing her, believing that she was a traitor. She saved Iron Man's life when his armor acted faulty by throwing herself on him, which pushed him out of the way and reported to Captain America. As the Avengers engage H.Y.D.R.A., she and Iron Man were being hunted down by Maria Hill and several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Luckily they managed to get them off their back for the time, as they saved their hellicarrier she and others enjoyed their victory over H.Y.D.R.A. She later complained that the Cosmic Cube did not work, since nothing changed when Cap had touched it, not knowing he had accidentally used it to bring his WWII sidekick Bucky back to life.[15]


She and the other Avengers tried to stop the Serpent Society before Ant-Man intervened. She was hit by a member before he was smashed against the wall by Ant Man. She stated to Ant Man that he needed to just fight the villains and not talk to them. When Ultron had gone rogue, he captured her and kept her prisoner, before possessing Iron Man's many Armors and launching the Hulk into space. Ultron was attempting to find a way to kill the Wasp, since Hank had programmed him not to attack her even after giving him the capacity for violence, a weakness Ultron wanted to fix. The Avengers found him and fought back, but the machine unleashed a powerful attack that seemingly killed Thor. Ultron devastated the Avengers, revealed he knew all of their weaknesses. As the others were nearly defeated, Wasp focused and suddenly grows into a giant, breaking free of her prison and smashing Ultron. The team managed to turn the fight around and destroy Ultron, but Thor was still missing in action.[16]

Ultron quickly rebuilt himself and attacked S.H.I.E.L.D. looking for codes to destroy humanity. The Avenger's Mansion was attacked by all of Iron Man's armors that ran on a computer systems. She, Iron Man and Hulk left Hawkeye and Black Panther to defeat them. When he confronted Maria Hill, Wasp, Iron Man and Hulk arrived on the scene. While Hulk and Iron Man distracted him, she and Maria tried to stop the world from certain human extinction. She later congratulated Ant Man on stopping him, but was reminded by Maria Hill that he was the one who built him.[17]

After Ultron's demise, she tried to convince Hank to stay in the Avengers but he refused due to his guilt over his overconfidence of ensuring peace and order and being diplomatic to villains which led only to disaster and left, leaving Janet devastated.[18]

Loki's War[]


Wasp with Sif in Asgardian armor.

As all of the Avengers went into seven locations, she discovered the Norn Stone in the Arctic only falling into a trap by Abomination. A villain who was able to go toe to toe with the Hulk. She bravely fought him, at one point using her blasts to bury him in an avalanche. However he escaped, and began to crush her until Hank intervened, having followed her there. All of a sudden, Thor radioed the Avengers the order to destroy the stones, which she did gladly. The destruction of the magic artifact teleported the Wasp and Giant-Man to Jotunheim.[18] She became unconscious, leaving Hank to carry her finding a way out past the Frost Giants. Ant-Man was confronted by a few Frost Giants and managed to fight his way through them. The two were in great danger, before being saved by Lady Sif; a warrior of Asgard and friend of Thor's.[19]

When Sif and her Valkyries went to Asgard to confront Loki, Wasp and Ant-Man were with them wearing Asgardian armor. Reunited with the other Avengers with the exception of Iron Man, they fought their way past Loki's minions including the Ice Wolf to Loki until they were beaten by him. As Loki was about to kill them, Iron Man saved them and fought him with the Destroyer armor. Wasp assisted Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk in keeping him busy until the others found a way to take the OdinForce away from Loki.[20]

After Loki's defeat, she was among the Avengers being hailed by the Odin and the Asgardians for their bravery and nobility. Thor thanked them for helping him save his home world. Back in the mansion, Janet was with the others saying good night to Cpt. America before the latter was replaced by the Skrull in his room.[20]

Return of the Mandarin[]


Wasp and Iron Man attack Fin Fang Foom

Some time after returning to Earth, the Avengers battled Fin Fang Foom and the Mandarin when the two were terrorizing the area of New York around Stark Tower. Janet was saved by Tony when she was pushed out of the way of Fin Fang Foom's fiery breath. When they realized the Mandarin had been controlling the dragon using the Makluan Rings, Janet was able to shrink down and take of one the rings off of him. After Fin Fang Foom was no longer under his control, he attacked the Mandarin and the two disappeared.



Iron Man and Wasp are greeted by Invisible Woman (Skrull).

Several weeks after they saved Asgard, Wasp and Iron Man visited the Baxter Building where they greeted Invisible Woman. She and Invisible Women left Tony and walked to the number 42 prison. She talked to Invisible Woman about the Avengers and their accomplishments throughout their time together and the villains they had captured. They were ambushed by the Doombots and were kidnapped by them.[21]


Invisible Woman (Skrull) and Wasp are captured by Doctor Doom.

They were transported to an airship where the Wasp woke up but was knocked out unconscious again by Lucia. She gave them to Dr. Doom in his castle. Wasp woke up and tried to free herself, but, only managed to blast herself. She tried to insult Dr. Doom, but, the latter told her to stop embarrassing herself. After the Avengers and the Fantastic Four invaded the castle, Wasp with Invisible Woman are freed by Dr. Doom and letted them go. She raged and tried to attack Doom, but was stopped by Black Panther, his reasoning for stopping her being they were already freed, they decided to leave the castle with the rest. At the Avengers headquarters they discussed the reason for Doom's attack on them. Little did they know, Invisible Woman was really a skrull at the time.[21]

Alone against A.I.M.[]

While A.I.M was attacking Stark Tower with Technovore,[22] Janet, Clint, and Hulk were left alone at the mansion. They were surprised when Kai Bowen came to the mansion, but Janet remembered they had done a contest to try and repair their public image to have someone be an "Avenger for a day." They were then attacked by A.I.M with the help of The Wizard and his technology. With the help of Kai, they were able to take down the Wizard and A.I.M. and Wasp made Kai an Honorary Reserve Avenger.

Acts of Vengeance[]

Wasp and Iron Man were hunting the Masters of Evil when they found Chemistro, and his Alchemy Gun freezing him in a gold shell. They returned to the Mansion and learned from Baron Zemo and the other Masters of Evil that they were being chased down by a vengeful Enchantress. The Avengers eventually agreed to help the Masters, and attempted to depower the Enchantress. The battle ended with Wonder Man sacrificing himself to defeat Amora, and the rest of the Masters and the Executioner being captured by the Avengers.[23]

To Steal an Ant-Man[]

Wasp and Hank argued about Hank quitting the team when he was packing his things. She begged and pleaded with him and reasoned that they could work something out and he could help them since they wanted the same thing because both he and the Avengers wanted the world to be safe, but Hank refuses to listen and still left in front of her. Hank then called her on his Avengers card, she asked him why he would even bother talking to her after he left, but all Hank could say was he was sorry and hanged up on her before she could even respond to what he said.[24]

Michael Korvac[]


Wasp stands before Michael Korvac.

Wasp talked to Ms. Marvel about Hank leaving the team. She later answered the door when police officers turned in a man to the Avengers Mansion and asked the man for his name. He revealed that his name was Michael Korvac, but when she tried asking more questions he went crazy and attacked her. She then zapped him with her hand beams. She found his companion Corrina and returned to the Avengers Mansion with her. However, the reunion was interrupted by the Guardians of the Galaxy and Wasp was tasked with keeping Michael and his companion safe. However, just as she and the two were getting to the Quinjet, they were interrupted by Adam Warlock. Both teams were knocked into submission by Korvac and transported to a forest. Just as Korvac was knocking around Ms. Marvel, Wasp and the others arrived to fight him, but Korvac disappeared mysteriously. Wasp then tried to comfort Corrina and questioned Korvac's disappearance.[25]

Avengers Disassemble[]

Avengers episode 33 screencap

Wasp and the other Avengers learn of the Skrull Invasion.

Wasp welcomed Carol into the Avengers with Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Captain America. They were interrupted by Griffin making havoc in the streets. She went with Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye and Captain America to confront the villain. Wasp, Hawkeye and Captain America watched humorously as Ms. Marvel fought the villain by herself.[26]

When she returned to the mansion, they joked about her being able to take on the Hulk. Iron Man arrived at the mansion, hiding in the shadows until Black Panther noticed him. He questioned her and the rest of the team about being a Skrull. Wasp seemed the most doubtful of a Skrull on the team and believing they were all who they said they were. A fight between the Avengers erupted due to Ms. Marvel trying to take Hawkeye in for questioning and due to his refusal. Wasp was torn in the middle of the team's battle with themselves, belonging to either side.[26]

She questioned Ms. Marvel for doing this, but, she was informed that this was her job. Iron Man announced the Avengers were finished, Black Panther went back to Wakanda and Ms. Marvel went back to her previous job. After Iron Man, Ms. Marvel and Black Panther left, Wasp agreed to continue the Avengers team with Hawkeye, Hulk and Captain America (Skrull), who convinced them not to quit the team.[26]

Nightmare in Red[]

When Red Hulk attacked the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Wasp and Captain America fought him. Wasp refused to believe that the red-skinned monster was the Hulk. Maria Hill told her that the hulk started out grey and the Red Hulk could still be the Hulk. When he captured Bruce Banner, she tracked him with her Avengers ID card. After Banner transformed into Hulk, Wasp flew into Red Hulk's ear and attacked his brain, but was knocked out when he unleashed fire. Red Hulk tried to crush her but was stopped by Hawkeye. After Red Hulk was beaten and fled, Hulk was taken into custody while Wasp and Hawkeye recovered from their injuries. Wasp hoped that one day Hulk would be free and Red Hulk would be taken down once and for all.[27]

Skrull Invasion[]

Wasp stands after winning

Wasp is victorious after defeating Ant-Man (Skrull).

A group of Skrulls impersonating the Avengers landed on Earth in a ship, Ms. Marvel, who was not an Avenger anymore, arrived to the landing site. Wasp responded to her call and came to see a group of Skrulls claiming to be the Avengers, who had been captured after their battle with Loki. They claimed, the Hulk had busted them out and the team fought their way off of the main Skrull ship and hijacked a ship to get back to Earth. Wasp fought a Skrull posing as her, trying to convince Ms. Marvel that she was really herself. This event triggered a war with the Skrulls.[28]

Wasp fought the Skrulls along with Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye. The three were outnumbered. They were joined by the real Captain America, Iron Man and Thor, who had been staying in Asgard since the defeat of Loki. After the real Captain America defeated the Skrull imposter and the queen's plan to rule Earth was stopped, the Skrulls were placed in a special prison as punishment for all of their crimes against humanity.[29]

Behold...the Vision![]

Vision and Wasp after he storms in

Wasp and Vision

Wasp was with Jane Foster watching scary movies as Jane tended to her injuries. They were interrupted by Vision, who was looking for Captain America's vibranium shield. Wasp hoped to fight Vision, as oppose to telling him where the shield was. Vision caught Wasp in the palm of his hands and squeezed her. She was saved when Jane told Vision where Captain America's shield was. She was unconscious and watched by Jane. She later recovered.

After though, as she helps bandage one of Jane’s arms, she advises her not to connect to a superhero for a relationship, possibly citing Hank’s relationship with her.

Assault on 42[]

WASP ready for Fighting-gif

Wasp ready to fight and defend 42.

Wasp, along Ms. Marvel, Thor, and Captain America, took Whirlwind to Prison 42. Along the way, she tried to tease Whirlwind about the prison. When Annihilus and his bugs attacked the prison, Wasp united with Radioactive Man and Absorbing Man and defeated a lot of bugs. She later went to the prison cells and tried to defeat Annihilus, but could not because he was protected by an energy shield. When The Leader disrupted the shields, she and the other avengers knocked the cosmic control rod out of his hand and the bugs turned on him.[30]

Ultron Unlimited[]

Wasp was hanging out in her room when she’s confronted by Vision, whose directive is to take her unharmed. Jan shrunk down and fought back, and Vision, going against his programing, accidentally shot Jan in the shoulder while fighting back, burning her. He realized he’d violated his directive, but also clearly felt guilty for hurting Jan.

Vision took Wasp to Ultron as ordered who was angry for damaging her; Ultron wanted to remove and transfer her brain into a female robot, named Jocasta, for himself to make her his bride and to “make her perfect.” She was locked away like the other Avengers while Ultron made preparations for her transfer. This was until Vision freed them all, she helped take down of the robot version of the Avengers.

When Ultron was destroyed by Thor, the building was set alight and Wasp tried to get Captain America to leave even though he was determined to save Vision. Iron Man got Wasp out of the building after she was hit by falling debris. She was relieved to find Captain America safe from the building and like the others was saddened when Vision talked about why he saved them and probably regretted her prior decision to tell Captain America to let him burn.[31]


10 ep 44

A tearful Wasp attends to Hank Pym's funeral

Wasp and Iron Man visited Hank, who showed them a new prison. Wasp and Iron Man left and heard an explosion that they thought killed Hank. This made Wasp extremely sad as she tearfully expressed regret for not confessing her feelings for him. When she and the other Avengers honored Hank, Nick Fury told her the explosion was on purpose. Wasp hoped to avenge Hank by taking down the Serpent Society.

She encountered Yellowjacket, and figuring out that he was Hank when remembered seeing one of Hank's yellow jackets on his lab prior the explosion and the Pym particle the Yellowjacket used. The other Avengers refused to believe her, but when they encountered Yellowjacket, she unmasked him and proved that he really was Hank. He later sent them and himself into his prison, where the Serpent Society was held. The prison began to shrink uncontrollably. Constrictor grabbed Wasp and threatened Yellowjacket that if he took another step forward, then he would pull Wasp's wings off. He threw bugs at him and saved Wasp. After escaping the prison, she convinced Iron Man to let Hank rejoin the Avengers.[32]

Emperor Stark []


Wasp and Iron Legion in Asia

When Purple Man took control of the world, he as well controlled each Avenger to guard certain regions of the world, Wasp was in Asia in the time according to J.A.R.V.I.S. After Purple Man was defeated, it was presumed that she, Black Panther and Yellowjacket were free from his mind control.[33]

Red Skull []

When people got sick with an unknown virus, Captain America caught it as well. Wasp watched Black Panther and Iron Man place him in the infirmary. Wasp suddenly caught the virus as well. She was placed onto a bed. Iron Man and Black Panther left to find a cure. Wasp did not want Captain America to leave her, so she tried to get out of bed, but was stopped by Captain America.

He was later captured by Winter Soldier and taken to Dell Rusk. Wasp and everyone who got affected by the virus were cured and Captain America found out that Dell Rusk was really the Red Skull and defeated him after being cured by Winter Soldier. Wasp was glad that Red Skull was taken into custody and Doc Samson and Falcon were treated for the mind-control the Skull had on them.

Wasp later helped the Avengers track down the Red Skull when he escaped Hydro-Base.[34]

Red Hulk Returns[]

When Hulk was cleared of crimes committed by Red Hulk and went on a rampage, Wasp helped the other Avengers try to stop him. Red Hulk came and helped them. He later joined the Avengers. Wasp was disappointed that Hulk was not going to rejoin them. When Captain America went to Hydro-Base to free Hulk, she helped him. She investigated a device that made him go on a rampage. She and Captain America got it off him and found out that Red Hulk was trying to get the hulk in prison by using the device. The other Avengers came and helped them defeat Red Hulk and find out that he was Thunderbolt Ross. Hulk rejoined the the avengers after Ross was taken into custody. Wasp was the most present when he chose to rejoin.[35]

New Avengers[]

When Kang escaped from 42 and turned the Arc Reactor at Stark Tower into a Time Machine, Wasp helped the other Avengers fight him. She and the other Avengers were then trapped in a void by Kang. Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, The Thing, War Machine and Wolverine defeated Kang and freed her and the other Avengers.[36]

Kree Threat[]

Wasp and the other Avengers traveled into Space to stop the Kree from tearing the sun in half. Wasp went with Captain America, Hawkeye, and Black Panther and defeated a Kree sentry drone. When the Wormhole was about to open, she and the other Avengers, along with Captain Marvel, destroyed the generators and saved the sun and the world as well. However, they ended up being attacked by a lot of Kree forces.[37]

When the Quinjet crashed onto Hala, Wasp was with Ms. Marvel, Captain America, and Captain Marvel when they got separated from Iron Man, Vision, Hawkeye, Thor, and Black Panther. They were captured by Kree forces and taken to the Supreme Intelligence. Captain Marvel tried to save them but failed. When scientists were about to examine her, Captain America freed himself and saved her. She reunited with the other Avengers and Captain Marvel and defeated the Supreme Intelligence. Captain Marvel became the Kree Leader and the Avengers returned home.[38]

Avengers Assemble/The Finale[]


Captain America and Wasp happily hugging after defeating Galactus.

As the Avengers assemble for Battle against Galactus, Wasp leads the teams of Human Torch, Wolverine, Thing, and Hawkeye against Stardust of Galactus' Heralds. After Torch overpowers the Herald, Wasp flies inside of Stardust and blows it up with her stingers and orders Hawkeye to take out the tower.[39]

After Galactus was defeated, Wasp and Captain America hugged as all the Avengers (except Spider-Man) and other heroes were gathered and were praised and cheered by the citizens of New York for saving the whole planet. Wasp and the other Avengers were hailed as Earth's mightiest heroes.[39]


Wasp is a girl and has blue eyes and short auburn hair. She has a rather shapely figure, like most of the women in the show. She wears a black and yellow backless dress that reveals most of her back over black leggings and has yellow gloves and boots. She also wears yellow headphones that look like the antenna of a real wasp over her ears and a black choker around her neck.

In her civilian clothing, she wears a yellow off-the-shoulder top over a black spaghetti strap tank top that slightly reveals her midriff. She also wears blue pants with white shoes and wears three bracelets on her right wrist, a silver necklace around her neck, and earrings on her ears. Sometimes, she wears her super-hero uniform underneath her civilian clothing. In the episode "The Casket of Ancient Winters", she wears a two-piece yellow bikini while relaxing by the pool.


Wasp is enthusiastic about being an Avenger, and crime fighting in general. She appears shallow and self-absorbed at times, but beneath it all she is a compassionate person who is willing to reach out to others in need, and genuinely cares about others. An opinionated individual, Wasp is not afraid to share what is on her mind and firmly stands up for what she believes.

She likes to have fun and hates being bored. She is laid back and light hearted, and finds seriousness stifling. She is also likes to talk smack to her enemies. Despite being an adult, she has shown some very childish behavior, such as when she mimicked Hulk's angry face and stuck her tongue out then turned away.


Hank Pym (Yellowjacket)[]

Wasp mad with Ant Man

Does he really care?

Jan's relationship with Hank is a sweet but complicated one. She genuinely cares for Hank, but she is also frequently frustrated by him. The two often clash on their opinions, Jan being someone who wants to take action while Hank is more of a pacifist who prefers being a scientist to an Avenger. Jan is infuriated since she feels she has to compete with Hank's passion for science for his attention and retaliates by trying to make him jealous. Hank is often confused by her frustration.

In the episode 459, there is an indication that Jan's feelings are not unrequited. Ant Man saves Wasp from an explosion by shielding her (in her shrunken down form) with his hands. He then tells her to worry about their mission, and begins saying "I lo-" before passing out from his injuries. Later, while he is hospitalized, Jan stays by his side and apologizes, chastising herself for treating him badly. When he awakens, she asks him what he was going to say before losing consciousness, but never gets an answer. During Loki's War, she and Hank were transported to Jotunheim. While Hank was battling the frost giants, he ends up frozen to the ground. There, he admits he loves her to her unconscious body. She raged and argued with him when he left the Avengers and tried to convince him to stay to no avail in "To Steal an Ant-Man". But she was glad when he returned as Yellowjacket and she begged Iron Man to let Hank back on the team even though Iron Man thought Yellowjacket was crazy and a loose cannon.


Wasp seems to be the only member of the Avengers who tries to act nice to Hulk whenever possible besides Captain America, when Hulk originally left the team she seemed the most disappointed. Earlier that day, when the Avengers were looking over the escaped supervillains she turned and waved at Hulk. Although, all he did was look at her angry, she imitated his expression and then turned around. She has tried on numerous occasions to try and be friends with Hulk, usually to little or no success. One time, she even relaxed at the pool with him and Hawkeye. He will usually listen to her, as shown twice when she ordered Hulk to smash someone and he complied.

Ms. Marvel[]

Wasp has a friendly relationship with Carol, talking to her anytime she can about her relationship with Hank; this is makes them currently the only Avengers to talk about romance or romantic relationships with other members. Carol advises her against making Hank jealous. Wasp was glad when she first joined the team, because this meant she would no longer be the only female Avenger. Wasp was the only member of the team that did not pick a side when Hawkeye was accused of being a skrull.

Captain America[]

Wasp has a great respect for Captain America when he first comes to join the team; she is one of the few who does not fight him and explains to him the truth about him being in the future by showing him a statue placed to remember him. Later on she went to comfort him and checked on his well being whilst the other Avengers left on another mission. They have a rather close relationship and his opinion in an argument is of great importance to her and she usually chooses to side with him as shown when the Captain and her try to free Hulk. She normally chooses to seek reasurance from Captain America when things have gone wrong and he could be seen as a father figure for her, someone who she can trust and relies upon as seen when she is about to be examined by the Kree when she seeks his reassurance and he escapes to save her. At the end of the final episode of the series, she and Captain America hug happily to see that they are both alright after the fight with Galactus.

Captain America (Skrull)[]



Thor cares deeply for Janet. He didn't want to fight her when she was intoxicated by the Leader's Gamma Rays. Janet has a certain admiration for the God of Thunder. He and she are staunch allies who don't hesitate to risk their lives to save each other's.

Iron Man[]

Black Panther[]

Captain Marvel[]

Invisible Woman[]

Invisible Woman (Skrull)[]


Jane Foster[]



Ultron confronting Wasp who has held by Vision.

While in their initial encounter Ultron was unable to hurt Wasp, and made several attempts to "evolve" beyond said programming and kill her, after she used her growth powers he seemed to find an error.

Powers & Abilities[]

Janet van Dyne was given her powers by Henry "Hank" Pym using Pym Particles.

  • Size Reduction: Janet's primary power is the ability to reduce her size and mass. Unlike Ant-Man, this reduction is not achieved via technology and appears to be generated from Janet's body. While small, Janet has been shown to retain her human sized strength, as she was able to lift a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent while flying at a reduced size.[2] Janet has shown that being crushed at a small size is one of her greatest weaknesses.
"You don’t know everything about me monster."
―Wasp to Ultron[src]

Janet in giant form

  • Size Addition: Janet also possesses the ability to grow to enormous heights, similar to Giant-Man. Though it was only shown briefly, Janet apparently gains all of the same powers as Giant-Man does while at this height, and was capable of punching Ultron and causing some harm to him before shrinking back to her normal size. Use of this power seems to exhaust Janet, as she rapidly shifted back to her normal size after using it.[16]
  • Flight: When she reduces herself in size, Janet grows a pair of yellow insectoid wings that allow her to fly. Her top speed is unknown, but she was able to keep up with an A.I.M. hovervehicle alongside Thor.[5] Wasp often uses her small size and flight capabilities to dodge enemy attacks, or to fly around them while utilizing her "Stings" at a rapid pace.
  • Bio-Electrical "Wasp" Stings: Due to alterations by Ant-Man, Janet is able to harness her own body's bio energy and project it as bright yellow electrical blasts from her hands. These blasts, dubbed her "Stingers", are powerful enough to cause pain to superhuman beings as durable as Skurge the Executioner and are able to blast through most heavy metals as well. They have also shown to be more powerful while she is at full size, and have knocked both Whirlwind[1] and Crimson Dynamo unconscious while at point blank range.

Aside from her superhuman powers, Janet is also a talented young woman. She is essentially Henry Pym's business partner, and books all of the events and jobs that he attends and is hired to do. She is also an apparently talented fashion designer. Though it may not be a skill, Janet is also a power shopper, using her wealth to buy the clothes she wants.


Janet is only able to fly at her reduced size. Her reduced size also means that she is vulnerable to being crushed and has been rendered unconscious by other attacks due to her size (such as Zemo's gun).


Wasp relies on her stingers and fast flight to take down foes. She often used her variant of the Space Armor which greatly enhances her stings' effectiveness.


The Wasp/Gallery

Wasp being proud




  • Her costume is different than other costumes she has worn before. This is most likely because of
    her constantly changing costumes in the comics over the years. (Though, this makes it odd that she was one of the few Avengers to keep the same costume throughout the series)
    • Also, she is the only character who wears a costume exclusive to the cartoon (unless Luke Cage's outfit counts for a costume), while the other characters' costumes come straight from the mainstream comics. Her costume appears to be a combination of her most iconic and memorable costumes: her original Red & Black costume and her gold and black costume.
  • True to the comics, Wasp is the first female Avenger and the one who named the team.
  • Unlike her "death" in the Secret Invasion comics, Wasp survives her encounter with the Skrulls.
  • In "Gamma World", when Wasp gets turned into a mutant wasp, she is called "Gamma Wasp".
  • Wasp is the only Avenger who stays on the team throughout the entire series.
  • She also seems be able to change clothes rapidly.
  • Although is unknown about how the Wasp received her powers, there are some implications that she received them from Henry Pym or she was born with them (implying that she is a mutant, similar to her Ultimate Universe counterpart).

Background in Other Media[]

  • Wasp is a member of the Avengers, and therefore part of the main cast, in the animated series The Avengers: United They Stand and Marvel Disk Wars: Avengers.
  • She has appeared in 38 episodes.
  • Wasp serves as the comic relief for the most part of the series.
  • Wasp is the only founding Avenger to never quit.
  • Wasp tends to threaten to beat up her enemies when she fights them.
  • Just like her comic book counterpart, Wasp is the first female Avenger and the one who named the team.
  • She also appeared as a main character in the Animated movies Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Avengers 2 and had a brief cameo in Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.
  • Janet makes a cameo in the Ant-Man movie during a flashback explaining how she sacrificed herself to stop a nuclear missile directed at the United States.


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