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Wendigo is a white supernatural yeti-like mutant creature, created when a human consumes human flesh and is cursed thereafter. Over time, multiple people have been afflicted with the curse ever since.


He was in The Raft until the Breakout. When Captain America and the Wasp were searching for him, the Wendigo attacked them and injured Captain America heavily. Wendigo tried to attack them again, but got hold off by Wasp's stings. Wasp ran away by Captain's advice and Wendigo approached him, but Wasp came back and was defeated by her.


Wendigo is a yeti-like creature with white fur and long ears.


Wendigo has no ability to reason or speak, has tremendous instincts cannibals for human flesh.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Wendigo is possessed of extraordinary strength and durability - almost to Hulk-level - and an animal cunning and savagery. The Wendigo's fingers and toes are tipped with razor sharp, retractable claws that are capable of piercing even the Hulk's skin.