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Whiplash has Hawkeye panther has deafeated her panther took her to the vault

Whiplash is one of the supervillians escaping the Vault when the Breakout happened.


The Breakout[]

As the Breakout occured, she was among the prisoners getting their weapons and suits back in the Vault's armory when the Living Laser ripped the door open for them.

Then she was with the other villians bent on taking revenge on Iron Man for locking them up in the Vault. As Blizzard was about to kill him with his freeze ray, they were stopped by Hawkeye.

After being saved by Hawkeye, Iron Man then set the Vault in self-destruct and escaped. Whiplash escaped before the Vault exploded.

When the Avengers fought her, she had Black Panther tied up with her lashes. Hawkeye freed Panther and Whiplash destoryed all the lights. She tried to attack Hawkeye from behind but Panther warned him and Hawkeye fired an arrow at her, freezing her. Whiplash was then imprisoned.


Before the Breakout, she wears a prison uniform, has her hair loose. During the Breakout, she wears the similar costume based on the comics but a little trimmed. She has red hair and a prominent cleveage.

Powers and Abilities[]

She has no powers but has great skill in fighting.


She uses a special combat whip which allows her to slash on foes and entangle them.


  • It is a female version of Whiplash's first animated appearance.