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He was in the big house until the breakout happened then he walked away from his cellWhirlwind (real name David Cannon) was a rough tempered supervillain who uses wind powers for his own evil deeds. He was the Wasp's rival.


Look at you! You're blowing it! You can do so much more with your powers. You could blend giant drinks, or cool people off in hot weather. Instead, you're just going to the Big House.

-- Wasp[src]

David Cannon discovered his mutant abilities at an early age which he used to be a bully.


After delivering the Sonic Disruptor to Klaw, he gets annoyed by The Wasp and fights, but he ends up defeated. He was later taken to The Big House. He tried to escape the vicinity but Ant-Man prevented him from escaping realizing what The Big House really is. In his holding cell, he is itching to escape but then he calms down when the Mad Thinker told him about the four supervillain prisons on the planet and that a system shutdown would free them soon.[1]

The Breakout[]

When the breakout happens, Whirlwind escaped The Big House and knocked some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents out along the way. He later found Ant-Man. He provoked Ant-Man by hurting the Wasp. He then punched Ant-Man to a ledge and grabbed hold of. As Griffin tried to attack Ant-Man, Ant-Man shrunk and attacked Whirlwind instead.[2]

Assault on 42[]

Once being taken in to 42 for yet another crime, the power started flickering on and off. Later, giant bugs started to attack 42 and where controlled by Annihilus. He, along with other villains, helped Captain America, Ms. Marvel, and Thor take down the Bugs. However, he ended up getting seemingly killed in the end but it is possible that he survived this attack.

Physical appearance[]

Whirlwind has never shown himself without his costume which is a green colored metal-plate armor with the cone-shaped helmet covering most of his face except for his blue eyes with two small wings at the side of the helmet. He has broad green shoulder pads, he wears some kind of green belt around his waist. He wears metal bracelets, with saw blades attached to each of them, which can be thrown.[1]


Whirlwind is very arrogant and confident, trying to prove that he is the best at everything, like boasting the Wasp shouldn't challenge him. He is also ruthless as shown when he topples cars and slicing in half without any care at all. He gets annoyed very easily by opponents who tries to tease and mock him.[1]

Powers and Abilities[]

Whirlwind powers

Whirlwind using his powers.

Bodily Rotation: Whirlwind can rotate his body at enhanced speeds, creating a small whirlwind around his body. Even though spinning at high speeds he can maintain his senses on the environment around him. It's rotation is powerful enough to cause small gusts of winds.[1]

  • Superhuman Speed - Rotating at high speeds, Whirlwind can move at incredible high speeds. With this speed, he can even outrun the Wasp.[1]
  • Superhuman Balance - Whirlwind has shown to be able to keep his balance after rotating his body at high speed.[1]
  • Flight - Whirlwind has shown to be able to stay in air for a certain amount of time, by rotating at high speeds.[1]
  • Superhuman Strength - Whirlwind has shown to be able to easily topple cars over[1] and throw the Ultron units.[2]


Saw blades

Whirlwind's saw blades.

Saw Blades: Whirlwind has four metal saw blades at his disposal, two of those are attached to his metal bracelets. As Whirlwind combines the saw blades with his bodily rotation powers, it can easily slice through cars in half. Whirlwind can also throw them at high speeds by rotating his body.[1]



Whirlwind's first meeting with the Wasp was already annoyed by her for challenging him. After he is defeated by her he has a grudge on her and has a desire to kill her by any means necessary.[1] He develops, over time, a vicious hatred towards the Wasp. He hates her to the point of telling her, during the attack on 42, that if they made it out alive, he would kill her. On the screen, it is shown that he was carried away by the critters to be killed, but he could very well have survived this attack and attacked the Wasp later. Maybe she will have the misfortune to find him on her way one day. The poor. Having to face a raging mutant, merciless, and filled with hatred.



  • A Skrull posed partly as Whirlwind.

Background in other media[]

  • This is Whirlwind's fourth animated appearance. Previous versions include Iron Man (animated series), The Avengers: United They Stand and The Super Hero Squad Show.
  • The costume of Whirlwind is based on his first appearance in the comics.