Biographical information
Real name

Simon Williams

Alternative name(s)

Wonder Man

Physical description

Human Mutated



Hair color

None (Ionic form),
Black (Human form)

Eye color

Red (Ionic form),
Blue (Human form)

Personal information

Grim Reaper, Masters of Evil (formerly)


Avengers (formerly), Masters of Evil


Ionic Energy Manipulation

Chronological and political information

Masters of Evil (formerly)

Production details
First appearance

Everything is Wonderful

Voiced by

Phil LaMarr

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Simon Williams is the younger brother of Eric Williams, who was an infamous HYDRA agent known as the Grim Reaper. A business man and scientist, he claimed that Tony Stark is "stealing" his company.


At the beginning of Everything is Wonderful, it was shown that Tony Stark had bought Simon's company, but it was so until Tony revealed that he can save it since "it wasn't going to survive" meaning that Simon's company is going bankrupt.

Simon, is unaware of this and he is angry also frustrated. Feeling powerless, he asks his brother Eric for help, (not with his business portfolio or his investment strategy, but he wants Stark out of the way). He brings him to the hidden A.I.M. base and he was confronted by M.O.D.O.C. who has the A.I.M. units to transform him into Wonder Man. He fights Iron Man while Ant-Man tries to reason with him.

When Wonder Man starts to destabilize, Iron Man tries to get him to his buildings the Arc Reactor, but it is too late as Wonder Man fully destabilizes and disappears forever, which makes Tony feel very sad and disappointed when all he wanted was to help him.

Later that night, Wonder Man is reassembled by Enchantress' magic, as he is approached by her, Executioner and Baron Zemo with an offer to help them destroy the Avengers. With no choice, he agreed.

He was with them fighting the Avengers below the Avengers Mansion which ends with their defeat.

When tasked by Zemo to guard the Norn Stone in a graveyard, he was reasoned with by Black Panther about his purpose. Convinced, he left the graveyard as the Dark Elves emerged from the ground. In Acts of Vengeance he is seen being hunted along with the other Masters of Evil.

He, Baron Zemo and Abomination appear at the mansion for help. Near the end of the episode Wonder Man is teleported away when he stops Enchantress from using a Norn stone.

His fate beyond that is unknown.

Physical Appearance

Before becoming Wonder Man, he wears a regular business suit, he has black hair and blue eyes. As Wonder Man, his body is all purple based from the comcs but with no "W" in it and has no hair and red eyes.


He was a good man at first, but he is stubborn and impatient in listening to others, they tried to reason with him just as he refused to listen to Stark's true reasons of buying his company. He has anger issues and some second thoughts. His personality seems to change as Black Panther was able to convince him to become a good person again. Later in Acts of Vengeance, it was Wonder Man who convinced the Avengers to listen to why Zemo had come to the mansion, showing his desire not to resort to conflict. Despite he and Eric are brothers, they never actually get along.

Powers and Abilities

Originally, Simon Williams was a human with no superhuman abilities. However, he was a successful scientist and business man. After being infused with ionic energy, Simon became a being composed completely of said energy, which granted him a variety of superhuman powers. He possesses incredible physical strength and is nearly invulnerable. He was also able to fly and could produce incredibly powerful energy blasts from his hands. Finally, Simon was also able to rapidly grow in size, allowing him to exceed even Giant-Man's maximum height.



  • His appearance as Wonder man is nearly based on the comics but with no W on his chest.
  • He, Captain Marvel, and Vision were the only villains to redeem themselves.
  • Owing to the fact that Wonder Man does not reappear after Acts of Vengeance, there is no telling what happened to him after he stopped Enchantress.