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X'iv is a Skrull posing as the Scientist Supreme during the Secret Invasion.


Prisoner of War[]

Lyle Getz was taken to the extraction chamber in order to be absorbed for a doppelganger which had shaken Getz.

Secret Invasion[]

With the A.I.M. satellites ready, he takes out the A.I.M. agents with his gun before reverting back to his true form. While their race was fighting the humans, X'iv is ordered by Veranke to activate the satellites to disable every human on the planet. After the satellites are destroyed by Thor, X'iv is eventually arrested by S.W.O.R.D. agents and imprisoned in Prison 42.

Powers and Abilities[]

X'iv has the knowledge in A.I.M. sciences and technology. Like all other Skrulls, he can shapeshift into anyone he desires.