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Zzzax is a supervillain whose body is composed of pure electricity.


The Breakout[]

In the Cube Zzzax was locked up in a specialized prison cell when Doc Samson came to check on Bruce Banner in his cell. When the Breakout occurred, he pursued and attacked Doctor Samson while he was helping Bruce Banner out of a pile of rubble, leaving a lightning bolt scar on Samson's right eye. Banner was able to transform into The Hulk when his old nemesis tried to zap him too and beat up Zzzax before carrying Samson out from the Cube.[1]

Gamma World[]

Under the Leader's influence, Zzzax remained behind to assist in guarding the Gamma generator inside the prison. When the Avengers arrived to destroy the generator, he and the U-foes ambushed them and destroyed the protective armor of Wasp and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that accompanied them, turning the group into gamma monsters. Zzzax was beaten by Iron Man and Captain America after the generator was destroyed and was placed back in custody.[2]

Phsyical appearance[]

Zzzax is a humanoid creature that is of pure electricity. He doesn't talk much but is deadly as his electrical powers were really dangerous.[1]

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Living electricity: As a being of pure electricity, Zzzax is capable of absorbing and discharging powerful currents of electricity, manipulating nearby electrical fields and equipment, and flying. Zzzax's size and strength increase in proportion to the amount of electricity absorbed.[1]

Background in other media[]

  • This is Zzzax's fourth animated appearance. Previous versions include The Incredible Hulk, The Super Hero Squad Show and Ultimate Spider-Man.